Galleon supplies the widest range of time synchronisation products in the world. From dedicated stand alone NTP time servers which can synchronise all computers on a network to an atomic clock which will synchronise a single PC, Galleon has the right time synchronisation product for you. As the specialist time synchronisation company with over 3,000 installed customers in Europe, America, Asia and Australia you can be confident that you are buying a proven product.

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Galleon time synchronisation

Benefits of Galleon Products

  • Automatic update of time with no user intervention required.

  • Simple Installation

  • Full product range: From Dedicated Rack Mount NTP Time Servers that synchronize the time of thousands of computers across a network to simple Atomic Clocks that connect to a single PC.

  • Cost Effective: By being a specialist in Time synchronisation, Galleon offers a full product range so you buy the correct product for your needs.

  • Reliable: Galleon Atomic Clocks and NTP Time Servers are used by over 3000 organizations world-wide and provide reliable time synchronization 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

  • 3-6 Year warranty: Galleon offers a 3-6 year warranty on all Network Time Server products (products with a product code starting with NTS)

  • Lifetime Technical support: At Galleon we believe that technical support should be free for as long as you want to use a Galleon product for.

  • GPS, DCF and MSF: Uses the German DCF time signal or the UK MSF signal or GPS satellites. The German DCF signal is best for Central Europe and can be received up to 1,500 Km from Frankfurt. The Rugby MSF time signal provides the strongest radio time signal in the UK and can be received up to about a range of 937.5 miles, the British Isles is also within this radius. GPS can be received anywhere in the world. If you want you can have all the time sources linked to your Galleon NTP Time Server for redundancy in the event that one time source is not available.

  • Synchronise all networked computers to precise accurate time and date, now and in the future.

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